Turn a Jetson TX2 Dev kit into a NAS

Hi people!

I have a Jetson TX2 dev kit laying around from an old project I did. I’ve got no use for it now, but I’ve been thinking about turning it into a NAS as a nice side project. Did anyone do this before? I can’t find much on google. My biggest “challenge” is the question: How can I connect multiple harddrives to the Jetson? How would one approach this?

I’ts been a while since I’ve used the TX2, so my apologies if this is a stupid question! Just can’t find the answers myself right now… Advice deeply appreciated therefore!

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You would probably not get good performance any way you do this. If you were to use SATA drives you’d probably need to find an m.2 key e SATA card. Gigabit interfaces would be way too costly, and the only interface for the Nano would also be the same interface for talking to the rest of the world, and they would choke performance. USB3 external drives could work, and I think that is your best possibility, but I have doubts about performance (the gigabit port as data to a PC wouldn’t be too bad, but multiple disks on USB3 would be a performance choke). Your best result would require a single hard drive, either via m.2 or USB3.