Turn off RGB lighting 1080 Ti

Hello, today I bought ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-O11G-GAMING and I didn’t find a way to turn off RGB lights. It obviously doesn’t exists. Can we, the Linux users, ask for this option in our drivers or provide us a way to turn off RGB? Please, don’t left us behind. Best regards!

nvidia-settings --assign GPULogoBrightness=0
https://github.com/Madh93/nvidia-led (Edit: not compatible with 1080 yet)

Yes, I ask them first, thanks for the answer anyway :)

We really need such trivial option.

About that, i made some tests (on the various brands including the strix). Only evga cards allow to use the “official” nvidia api to set the brighness in percent on RGB devices (FTW/FTW2). But only on windows via nvapi.

All vendors are using different I²C queries

relevant code for the ASUS:


And what this means? That we have to wait guys from ASUS to implement that feature? That will never gonna be happen…

Still need a way to turn off RGB lights. Please, help.

I think we all agree that Nvidia devs won’t implement vendor specific things and vendors won’t ever put out Linux specific tools.
But looking at the code Epsylon3 pointed at this should be doable using i2cdetect, i2cdump and i2cset since Nvidia devs implemented the Linux i2c interface. So it just needs someone with a Ti and the guts to tinker with it.

With exclusive growth of Linux last months they must think a little…