Turn off specific I2c Bus on Xavier

Hey ,
I am using Bus 1 of Xavier with my device . It works fine till the device is connected . If it gets disconnected then the kernel logs gives no acknowledge message .Is there a way I can disable the i2c bus in order to stop the spamming messages

Remove the device from device tree when disconnected the device.

hey @ShaneCCC ,
Thanks for the reply.Can you guide me to the process’s i don’t grasp it .

What’s your device? On which bus?
Have to know the device name and on which bus and search the dts file to remove it.
Below link tell how to build customized kernel and DTB(device tree)


I am using a Xavier and the device is an IMU sensors connected to bus 1 pin 27 and 28

Also i have build the whole kernel again to disable a single i2c bus ?

You can 't disable this bus due to there have many device connect to this bus. You need to disable the device that connect to pin 27/28

What speceficly would i be editing in the DBT?

Add status = “disable” below your device scope.


This will disable the device?

Yes, or you can find the driver to remove it from the kernel Image.

I am just looking to disable it temporarily while I work on the permanent fix in the code

also for a quick fix can i disable these specific logs they are “warn” level ?

I set the status property of node i2c1 and now get 127 in response

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