Turn on adaptive sampling error dedug mode crashed/hang computer

Hi Omniverse Team,

Turning on adaptive samping error debug caused create to hang/crash, stability of create is still a hit and miss, sometimes adjusting slider value or changing materials can also cause create to hang/crash the computer.

I would like to add that with Adaptive Sampling ON my render animation took approx. 23h versus 20h without Adaptive Sampling. No visible difference in quality.

Hi, there are some recent stability regressions around adaptive sampling, we are looking into it.

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The effect of adaptive sampling is most visible in scenes with large differences in the pixel variance, e.g. caustics. In scenes where the sampling error is more or less similar throughout the picture there is not much room for adaptive sample redistribution.
We are also looking into reducing the perf overhead of the adaptive sampling.

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Thank you for your answer @abogomjakov . I will keep giving it a try for the heavier scenes!

@DavidDPD are you still consistently getting this crash?
Does it happen on any scene, an empty scene or, maybe, a specific one?
Can you also share the version of Create that you are using?