Turn on jetson AGX xavier with external switch

I do not want to turn on my Jetson by pushing the power button instead I want to turn on my Jetson AGX Xavier with external switch. Is there a way I can make a switch using the pins on Jetson AGX Xavier?

Yes, you can use pin 4 (button_power_on*) of J508 for this. Shorting it to GND pin will trigger power-on. Please refer to P2822 schematic for detail.

Is it possible to power off with this button_on* pin of J508 also?
if pin4 to GND, pin4 is not released from GND, then it goes power off request state.
In the source, 10s long press of pwr_btn (to GND), then powering off is possible.

Yes, it is same to power button.

If PWR_BTN_N is asserted for more than 10 seconds, FORCE_SHUTDOWN_N is asserted, or PWR_GOOD drops, power off is performed.
I’m asking if an on/off toggle switch can be used instead of a tact switch button.

Only tact switch is suggested. How do you think of a toggle switch can work?

My system solution is installed in an unmanned industrial site, and general users request the on/off switch operation as a function in the form of turning on and off like a normal table lamp. Xavier and Orin’s solution requires pressing the power button for more than 10 seconds to turn off the power, but the general user requests to turn the Xavier and Orin system on and off as if turning off like a normal table lamp light.

As you can see, it is not supported to turn off with a tact switch. Maybe you can consider a fidget for that.

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