Turning OFF 5Ghz WiFi

We are using nvideo jetson nano som( NVidia Jetson Nano 4GB Module ) , with custom carrier board , with **Jetpack 4.6.2 ** with linux 4.9.253 tegra.

Now here we are using a wifi bt module that supports both 2.4 & 5 Ghz . Now we want to turn off the support for 5ghz, that is the device shouldn’t connect in 5ghz mode ,to any 5G wifi, is there any setting to be modified to ensure only 2.4Ghz wifi working .

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Sorry fot the late response.
I think replacing the wifi firmware may help your case which could remove 5G from channel map. However, we don’t provide such support on forum.
If your operational band is not 5G, there should be no 5G signal out.

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