Turtlebot3 speed in /cmd_vel slowed down when updating to 2023.1.0

I have been using Turtlebot3 in IsaacSim with URDF Importer as of 2022.2.1.
Recently, IsaacSim was updated to 2023.1.0, and when I used this USD there, /cmd_vel on IsaacSim was slower than in 2022.2.1.
Is there any way to resolve this?

is it the rendering framerate got slower or is actually moving slower? Can you compare the two versions with timestamp? and also check if there’s any significant drop in frame rates as well?

Using the same USD, I took videos of the old and new versions of Isaac Sim with a straight line of /cmd_vel of 0.05 and compared each of them.
I also observed a drop in FPS, but the distance traveled is so different that it appears to have slowed down.