TUSB8044A 4-port USB3 hub for custom design

Dear Nvidia Jetson Hardware Experts,

We are in the process of designing a custom carrier board for Jetson Orin NX. We would like to add a USB-3.0 hub with the Texas Instruments’ TUSB8044A Hub controller. Do we need to develop or enable any specific driver for it, please ?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Sure, you should check with vendor for the driver since it is not in the SCL of Orin NX.

Dear @Trumany,

Thanks for your answer. We are hesitating btw the TUSB8044A and the RTS5411S. However, I do not find the later in the SCL list of the Xavier NX either, but you said that no extra sw patch to make it work.

Would it be the same situation with TUSB8044A ?

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