Tutorial for using NVIDIA Debug Manager in TADP


I’m trying to debug native code in Eclipse for Android using the NDK, and I believe that this can be done using the NVIDIA Debug Manager that comes with TADP 2.0, however, I’m not sure how to do this, and I haven’t been able to find any documentation online. Is there a tutorial that I could be pointed to on using the Debug Manager?


  • Ben

Hi Ben - it should be fairly self-evident.

You can import event_lorenz from the Tegra sample projects. Build the project, right-click the project, and choose Debug as >Android NDK application.

That should be it - set breakpoints as normal for CDT.


Thanks for reply, which affirms my feeling that it must be fairly obvious to use. In trying to use it, I seem to have come across a problem.

Currently, I am trying to use the Debug Manager to step through the NativeBasic project eclipse workspace of the TADP (C:\NVPACK\nvsample_workspace). However, when I right-click the project and go to Debug as -> Android NDK application, it seems that nothing happens. I am trying to debug on an emulator, so I thought that maybe I need to set the target to be the emulator in the Debug Configurations. However, when I try to make a new Android NDK Application configuration, when I save the configuration and click to something else, I get the following error, which persists every time I click on the configuration I just created:

An error has occurred. See error log for more details.

I could post this to a new thread, if that would be appropriate.


  • Ben

Hi, user bchidest

Are you using all components from TADP, for example, android sdk/ndk? Check Windows\Preference\Android, see whether the SDK path points to the right location in TADP installation folder.

Also, have you ever tried to update android sdk that TADP installed for you? If you did that and upgrade that,( we bundled 21.0.1, it’s possible you upgraded to 21.1), you need to run “Help\Check Updates” in Eclipse as well.

To be noted, those upgrades are not encouraged .

I see your needs to run SDK Manager to get emulator installed. If you only installed emulator, that should be fine.

Also, though Emulator could possible work. But most our sample bundled are for demoing Tegra specific features, that require a Tegra based device.


What is event_lorenz?
I’ve tried choose Debug as >Android NDK application, but I saw only black screen on device and many many text in console.
So excuse me, but it’s not self-evident.
We need a thorough tutorial step-by-step.

Is there way to create project from scratch, from own workspace, without linking specific nv_… libraries? It would be nice if tutorial starts with File->Project and so on.
Without copying or importing existing samples.
Please! Give us step-by-step tutorial.

Sorry for not bundling the doc for Eclipse document. The Eclipse environment is deprecating, on Windows platform using Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition is recommeneded.

Here is a short version of steps for you to use Eclipse environments:

  1. Create a normal Android project. For this, please refer to Google ADT document.
  2. Create a C/C++ project by right click the project, follow new/Other/Convert to C/C++ project.
  3. Then, check the project property you will see C++ build panel. Specify ndk build command line there, you can refer to the nv samples in Tegra Android Development Pack.
  4. Debug As Andoid NDK Applicatoin context menu will be available to this project as well.