TUTORIAL : How to install VirtualGL and TurboVNC on Jetson Nano

root@zi-desktop:/# cd /tmp/.X11-unix && for x in X*; do echo “:${x#X}”; done ; cd -


it might be not the solution that you are looking for but if you have a spare sdcard or could reflash present sdcard I would suggest to try again from scratch.
I was not able to run into issues neither on nano , nor on Xavier headless jetsons. The only thing was to follow the original steps but not literally , but building all packages from sources.
also here I used 64 instead of 32

sudo vi /etc/ld.so.conf.d/libjpeg-turbo.conf
Add the following line

source [HowTo]Install VirtualGL and TurboVNC to Jetson TK1

inside /etc/ld.so.conf.d/libjpeg-turbo.conf :

there was /usr/lib

now there is /opt/libjpeg-turbo/lib64

let’s see what happens.