TwinView behavior questions

Hello everyone,

I’m using the NVidia drivers version 310.14.

I’ve 2 monitor: VGA (CRT) and on one the DVI (DFP).

CRT is on the left and DVI in on the right. DVI is my primary display.

So far everything is working #1 but here is what I find strange. If I open Google Chrome, the windows will appear in my right screen (like I’m expecting) but as soon as I write something, it shifts to the left screen.

My expectations are that everything that I open opens in my primary screen and I manually move it to the left screen if desired.

Does any of you have an idea?


Is it only Google Chrome and what window manager are you using?

I’m using Cinnamon.

The worst behavior is with Chrome but any application that is starting and was maximized in the screen on the right will start maximized on the left screen.

Placement of windows is up to the window manager, so there’s not much that the driver can do here. Does this problem still occur if you use a different desktop environment?