Twitch streams archived?

Hi Guys,

I’ve noticed there have been some very interesting sounding Twitch streams featuring discussions with the dev team among other things. I keep missing these unfortunately but would love to watch. Are they archived anywhere do you know?



Hi! The Omniverse team just did our very first Twitch-only livestream yesterday, which was an overview of Omniverse. We will be doing the same topic on another livestream soon but with more hands-on show & tell during the stream than we did yesterday. We will be doing 2 more streams this week:

Wed Jun 9 @ 11AM Pacific: Omniverse Audio2Face
Thu June 10 @ 1PM Pacific: Omniverse Machinima

Please follow the channel to receive notifications: Twitch

You can also select the “livestreaming” role on our Discord (NVIDIA Omniverse) to be notified on Discord when we go live with any livestreams:

Yesterday’s stream was not saved, however future streams will be saved and accessible for 2 weeks on Twitch and also saved to our YouTube channel (

We are creating a schedule now for the next few months of streams…what would you like to see? :)


he / him | LinkedIn | Discord ID: Prof E#2041
Omniverse: “A New Era of Collaboration and Simulation” (video)
As seen in VentureBeat | Physics Showcase

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Great the 2 week archive / YouTube thing sounds ideal for me thanks.

Hands-on deep dives into kit, connector and extension development would probably be my personal request for some future episodes but that probably wouldn’t appeal to a majority…



That will definitely be on the schedule! Have you already seen the GTC sessions on NVIDIA Video on Demand?