Two 100G port MT27800 Family [ConnectX-5]

What is the maximum bandwidth that this nic can handle on both ports ?

Cause I did some tests and it looks like maximum bandwidth for all two ports is limited somehow to ~60Gbit/s RX and ~60Gbit/s TX

Or any other variations that never reach more than 126Gbit/s or at peak times 132Gbit/s

Anyone Was able to push bi-directional traffic on this NIC that exceeds (sum of 132G ?) for example 70Gbit/s RX and 70Gbit/s TX

For our tests network card is installed in pci express x16 gen3 (max bw for that pcie is 32GB/s)

Memory bandwidth for host where NIC is installed is ~60GB/s multichannel DDR

CPU used is Intel 6146

This host is not DP so only one NUMA node.

Drivers used - in Linux kernel

Hi Pawel,

I suggest to review the following performance guide:

In case you need further assistance please open a support case at