Two 4-Lane CSI Aggregated Data


I am currently developing a system using Jetson TX1 to take two 4-Lane CSI inputs, and each of the two CSI inputs is comprised of aggregated CSI data from four cameras (so 8 cameras total).

Here are the things I would like some guidance on to bring my system up:

  1. How do you configure the Jetson TX1 to take in two 4-lane CSI data?

  2. Do you have any user guides that explains the code/architecture? I saw an Argus demo that uses multi sensor, but am having trouble understanding the code.

  3. How could I separate the CSI data so that the monitor shows 8 camera videos (4 cameras from each 4-lane CSI input) on the screen?


Hi j-ho
Current only the vi mode support 8 lane but not the real 8 lane. It is two 4 lane source to merge to one frame.
You can check the tc358840 kernel driver and vi driver. That means your aggregated must split the frame to two frame like 3840x2160 to right 1920x2160 and left 1920x2160 than vi driver can merge them together.

Please check the tc358840 driver