Two cameras on a JN30-LC


the Auvidea JN30-LC (which is a carrier board similar to the dev kit) has two CSI-2 interfaces.

However, out of the box only one of these is working (with connected Raspi cameras).

I would expect Auvidea to release a firmware, but they did not (yet), and they are not answering emails (which is pretty common for them).

Did, by chance, anyone of you already run two cameras on a JN30-LC and can point me to the necessary kernel or device tree modifications?

Thanks for your inputs!


Hi bbrb,

We don’t have the Auvidea JN30-LC, hence not able to provide further suggestions, and this issue will need Auvidea to support, we will also make a contact with them to see if could get some updates.


Hi kayccc,

thanks for getting back to me.

I will update this thread when I make progress.

Hi bbrb,

At the moment, it is possible to have only one camera working on the JN30 and JN30-LC boards.
Our software developer is aware of this and is trying to make device tree modifications that enable the use of multiple cameras at the same time. I am afraid that this will still take some time to do.

Thank you for your patience!

Hi AuvideaSupport,

thank you very much for the information.

To give me a slightly better idea of a possible timeframe: Is this of any priority to Auvidea? Do you think Auvidea will be able to release the patch closer to in 6 weeks or in 6 months?


This is, of course, one of our priorities.
I’d say that it could be possible to get it done in 6 weeks, but, at the moment, I cannot promise anything because we are a bit understaffed in the software development department are dealing with multiple important projects at the same time.

Thank you for your understanding and I apologize that I am unable to give you a precise answer at the moment.

Best regards,


It is good to know that Auvidea does not respond privately to its customers, it does so in a public forum, and one of the strengths of its products (such as the 2 cameras) can only be used one at a time at the moment. I guess at the moment, the 2nd camera will be in “fail-over mode”…I want to think!

And that for lack of personnel or resources, for an indefinite time, the (fictitious) characteristics of their products are published, and for lack of being exploited for concrete projects, within an equally indefinite period of time, in the space/time of the universe.

Great job Auvidea!

Hi Auvidea,

We’re also interested in using 2 cameras simultaneously and were about to purchase a test unit when we came by this post. How has this progressed? Can you share an update?