Two different Workstation License on the same server.

Dear Sir,

Past time, I had a PGI Fortran Workstation on my linux server.
Now, I also buy a new PGI C/C++ Workstation.
Can I put the two products on the same machine?
How do I install the new license on this machine?

Thank you very much.


The only case currently where two licenses can be used on the
same server is a Fortran and a C/C++ licenses.

I would first determine the hostname and hosted of the server,
and generate each license accordingly. Activate the server (lmgrd.rc start)
for each license running solely on the machine, to make sure they work.

Then you can combine the licenses into one file
(one SERVER line, one DAEMON line), or just

export PGROUPD_LICENSE_FILE=/path/to/fortran/license.dat:/path/to/C/license.dat

put them on in the license path.