Two displays for Jetson TK1

Has anyone any experience with handling two displays connected to single Jetson TK1?
We got hdmi output and there is eDP but what I have seen on forum eDP to DP conversion is pretty big and not elegant and still I have to convert DP to hdmi (since I have two 7" screens usnng hdmi).

Aby suggestions how to connect two displays?

Ofc there is other more simple but more expensive way, the 12.3" ultra widescreen :P

Here’s something which comes to mind, but is probably not valid since you have two monitors of two different specifications behaving with the same size of cutoff (it might help to know more about the monitors being used)…

The video software will use the sizes and timings from the EDID data. Sometimes a monitor (almost always small touchscreen sized monitors) do not have an exact resolution for some common resolution, and will have EDID tell the video system to use the standardized value…internally the monitor will clip a few pixels along some dimension to make this happen.

You might run “xrandr”, and compare those resolutions to what the manufacturer claims is the resolution of the monitors…if the xrandr resolution actually used is not an exact match for specifications of the monitor, then it might be using those approximated “close enough but not exact” EDID responses, and internally clipping off some pixels.

Could you please elaborate on that? We had DP working out of the box using TI SN75DP130SS DP redriver. But it might even work without it for short cables.