Two displays with ESXi 6.0 + Horizon View 6.2.2 + NVIDIA K1 with vDGA/passthrough

Hello everybody !

We are running a Horizon View environment 6.2.2
on vSphere 6.0
Windows 7 Guests
Dell PE 720 Servers
One NVIDIA K1 in all three Dell 720 Hosts

and have problems with GPU passthrough. We were hoping that maybe somebody can give some
advice …

Our Windows 7 (linked clone pool) desktops connect via PCoIP and two displays.
VGPU profile is Q140.

We have now emptied one of our hosts temporarily in order to test
GPU passthrough.

  • configured one of the four GPU’s on the ESX host for passthrough
  • created a new manual pool
  • created new Windows 7 VM
  • added the passthrough GPU to the desktop as PCI device
  • installed NVIDIA K1 desktop driver

We can connect to the vDesktop via PCoIP but only one the two displays works.
The second one remains black. Tried with different client machines.

When we test the same VM with VGPU on the other Host, two displays are OK.

I would be very grateful for any hint.

Thanks very much.