Two fruits needed for Nvidia Assets

If you wanted to compare Apples to Oranges in Omniverse, you have to bring your own orange.

On the same note, Lime’s closest cousin, Lemons are also missing.

Ask one of your magicians to create a couple more fruits if they have time please. Extra bonus points for any fruit you can slice in half and it looks like fruit on the inside.


:-) Thanks I will pass it along. Remember though that Create can import those fruits from any of your DCC applications or any fbx, obj or even from sketchfab and turbosquid. The library is very useful, but there are many ways to get your two fruits in :-)

I know. It is on my list to learn how to build these in Blender.

I just had an idea for an Apples to Oranges and realized the Orange asset wasn’t there.


I looked today and there was an orange added. Maybe it was there and I just didn’t notice it.

I guess I got my wish, or wasted a wish if it was already there.

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