Two Issues, XR crash & how to make object not see-through in the Cloud XR ARCore CLient

1- XR crashes when pressing the AR button to stop the AR application
2- When the AR connection is done in android Cloud XR ARCore CLient the objects are see-through, is there a way to make them not see-through?

Hello @jb645!

For the crash, could you provide us with more information so that we can fix the issue on our end?

  • What is your system environment? OS, GPU / GPU Driver
  • Can you please please zip and attach your full logs found here: C:\Users\ [YOUR NAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs

For your second question, I notified the XR team. I will post back when I have more information.

Hey @jb645! Do you happen to know what version of android your device is on? We have a bug for this issue, but it was found on Android 12 devices. I am wondering if this bug might be the same issue you are having.

@jb645 Just to clarify, are you using omniverse server with the omniverse specific AR client, and NOT the CloudXR AR generic client? Just making sure, as that could definitely lead to odd issues. :)