Two monitors connected to two Quadro RTX don't work in any capacity

Aaron, there is a specific feature in nvbugs to include external people. I won’t see any private (normal) messages in the internal thread, only those that are explicitly marked as ‘public’, and they will be marked with a red frame to warn the participants. Please, include me to the bug email list.

I don’t have permission to do that but I’ll note it in the bug.

Hi vaihoheso,

We have setup a TRX40 system for debugging this and can recreate the page faults in #10

In our testing there were no page faults if amd_iommu=off is appended to the kernel command line or if IOMMU is disabled on the SBIOS. X comes up as expected. Can you please confirm if you continue to see crashes on your system even after IOMMU is disabled.

For the page faults in #13, can you please provide more details. I found two options under system BIOS - OC → CPU Features → 1) IOMMU 2) SVM Mode. Are you disabling both SVM mode (AMD virtualization) and IOMMU.

We are restarting X to try and recreate the page fault in #13. Can you please provide your steps leading up to this issue. Please capture the nvidia-bug-report if you hit this again. If it hangs, please capture the kernel logs after the crash. A nvidia bug report after rebooting from the crash would help as well.

Thank you

We probably have different versions of BIOS, on mine IOMMU was tucked away deep in a different menu. Setting it to disabled didn’t make GPU Mosaic work. X started, but only on one screen, with the driver obviously not working correctly: X doesn’t erase background, leaving traces of moving windows.

Logs will follow.

A side note. I am really frustrated that NVIDIA completely ignores technical parts of my emails and my suggestions to help with the bug. No comments, just complete pretence it doesn’t exist.

I am an ex-NVIDIA engineer, I know how to debug this issue, it would have been win-win for everybody. It’s not like you are going to reveal some IP to me, everything is already in my head and will stay there forever until I die, or you lobotomize me. If I didn’t abuse this information while I am out of NVIDIA, it’s not like I am going to start now. There is no reason to put the red tape and stonewall me.