Two NVidia cards in a machine - how to create second framebuffer?


A machine has two video cards: (1) an NVidia RTX 2080 Ti 12G (on PCIe 3x) and (2) NVidia GT710 (on PCIe 2x). The motherboard is Tyan S7065, two Xeons, chipset Intel C602. The idea is to use (1) for CUDA/OpenCL calculations and (2) for the UI (including OpenGL 3D, such as it can deliver). Of course, the proprietary NVidia driver is used, because it is required for CUDA/OpenCL.

The card (1) is rather bulky so it can really be only placed in one particular slot physically. Unfortunately, the motherboard considers a card in that slot the primary video card and the BIOS does not seem to have a setting to change this.

Unfortunately. only one framebuffer device /dev/fb0 is created and it is on card (1). If we disable the framebuffer the text mode console also appears on (1).

How do we make the driver create a framebuffer for card (2) , so the virtual console can be plaсed on it?