Two Problems of programming of Quadro 4000 and SDI Capture

Hey Guys, I have encountered two problems while programming on Quadro 4000.

First, after setuping Quadro 4000 card, SDI capture card and SDI Output card and their drivers, I can’t correctly run sample capture programs. The program get wrong SDI Video, like littery video. When I run the same program based on Quadro FX3800, the video is right. It is too strange.

Second one, I have also test GPUDirect for video of Quadro 4000, the sdi capture card is replaced by BlackMagic Decklink Card. But, When I run the sample program of BlackMagic, a GPUDirect based program(LoopThroughWithOpenGLCompositing) doesn’t work right. I have debugged that program, it return false on “dvpInitGLContext(DVP_DEVICE_FLAGS_SHARE_APP_CONTEXT)”, It should return true.

Anybody can help me?

can you post the sample code here ?