Two quadro's Cuda enabled Can I find employment for both.

Down here where the budget is low as is the brain power, sits a man ( me ) with too many cards Quadro fx 570 and a Quadro fx 580 and a new motherboard with hybrid graphics, if the preceding weren’t enough. I wanted to know if any of you gifted people could send me in the right direction to optimize my hardware capabilities for the purpose of video rendering. I have Cuda installed on a Windows 7 64 bit although I had problems with the driver install, so no control panel. The driver a person from Nvidia recomended was the 191.66 which crashed during install and never finished the full job. Upon checking the driver details I had enough to install the Cuda toolbox and SDK. It is working alright and has been folding for some time now. (F@H). Are there any workarounds to get one thing from one card and another thing from the other??? Like one washes the other wipes?