Two questions about Drive AGX xavier install?

I would like to install sdk in drive agx xavier, but I have two questions:
1.The accessories power input is 125V-10A, and could it directly be joint to 220V in China?
2.Install sdk through sdkmanager for Xavier dev, and is another linux PC needed? If not, how could I install sdk in xavier dev?

Dear gongzhan01,

  1. Could you let me where that(The accessories power input is 125V-10A) is?
  2. Yes, you need a separate host pc to install SDK on DriveAGX. Please refer to the following links.

Hi SteveNV,
The power cord which connects the Accessory Power Adapter to an AC outlet, is masked “LINETEK 10A 125V”.

Dear gongzhan01,

Could you please take a picture and provide it if possible? Thanks.