Two questions about sample_drivenet?

1、In the sample_drivenet, is the deep learning framework caffe or nvcaffe? Which version?
2、In the sample_drivenet, could you provide the source code of dwObjectDetector_detectObjects API?
3、In the sample_drivenet, how does use our own tensorflow model instead of the default caffe model?

Dear gongzhan,

  1. The sample_drivenet is to demonstrate object detections using our NVIDIA proprietary Drivenet. It is a optimized TensorRT model.
  2. We do not provide source code of DW API calls.
  3. You can not integrate your customized model in DriveNet sample. You may check object detector sample documentation

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

 Thanks for reply.
 1、I know that it is a tensorRT model. I want to ask could I train the model with caffe or nvcaffe by myself?
 3、How could I integrate my own tensorflow model in dnn sample?

Dear gongzhan01,
If you are asking, you want to train caffe model and integrate to drivenet sample, it is not possible as DriveNet API calls designed to make use of our proprietary network internally.