Two serial communication issue

Im trying to build a simply two serial communication between my jetson nano J1010 and esp32 rx tx are crossed and ground are short. Unfortunately im only able to send a serial string from nano to esp32 . i.e. i cant send any data from esp32

Please first verify with other Jetson devices that your Nano is able to receive serial data.

i simply just connect a gps module with my jetson nano… nano sometimes receive gps data but most of the time it does not receive

please reply

Have you tried anything like a loop-back test?

yes but failed since my nano rx is not working i ahve `10 nanos from seeed j1010 and all have same behaviour

Then please ask the vendor for RMA/return.

someitmes i get data but later data gets interrupted…is there any pin or jumper to enable rx of nano

You need a jumper with UART only when you are doing a loop-back test, and nothing else.

This is a strong hint that these devices are defective.