Two synchronised cameras on Jetson nano

Dear developers,
i have a question for jetson nano (NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ Production Module) & carrier board (JN30B carrier board for Jetson Nano Production Module rev. 4+)

Is there possibility to use two synchronised cameras (maybe RPi cam or IMX)

I found the Carrier board for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano (JN30 board) which contains a two CSI connectors. I need to connect two cameras for stereo visual odometry, but both cameras must take shot at same time. Is it possible to do it with this board?

Thank you for your response.

hello beran.l,

you may check Argus sample applications, syncSensor application emulate one software capture requests to trigger multiple camera sensors shutter events, that’s why it would usually generate better (close) capture frames.

you could also enable hardware frame-sync pin, you might also have sensor timestamp comparison from user-space to achieve synchronization.

please also check similar discussion thread, Topic 1061467, and Topic 1007933 for reference,

I don’t know whether Auvidea has gotten the JN30 to work with two
cameras yet. See the following topic, for example.