two TX2 and one FPGA communicate by PCIE

Hi support team,
Currently,we want integrate two TX2 and one xilinx FPGA in one board. They communicate by PCIE switch. TX2 as PCIE root and FPGA as endpoint.FPGA can transform data to both of TX2,and TX2 can transform data to another tx2 root.How can we achieve this?

Does your switch support Non-Transparent(NTB) bridging?

Hi vidyas,
Yes,it does.We may choose IDT pcie switch that support NTB feature.Dose it possible multi-root access one endpiont and multi-root access each other meanwhile?

Hi vidyas,
I noticed 89HPES12NT3(IDT PCIE SWITCH) should be able to meet our requirement.But it support only pcie gen1(2.5GT/s).

Well, to support “multi-root access one endpoint”, we need MR-IOV support on both host and endpoint and Tegra doesn’t support MR-IOV.
As far as “multi-root access each other” is concerned, it can be realized with having NTB feature enabled in the PCIe switch.