TX-2 28.1: VI4 or VI2 ?


As we are trying to figure out the timestamp issue, we are confused by the VI version.

We are using 28.1 (soon 28.2) on TX-2. My question is which VI to use? VI4 VI3 or VI2?

Here is where my confusion comes from:

  1. In TRM of TX-2, it shows VI4.

  2. In TRM of TX-1, it shows VI3.

  3. As I was guided to check the file for timestamp:

  4. In the same folder, there is another vi4_fops.c but no vi3_fops.c

So which _fops.c file shall we work on?

Thank you so much for any input.
Sorry we don’t know the history of VI and if this question seems dumb.

The driver for TX1 is vi2_fops.c/csi2_fops.c and vi4_fops.c/csi4_fops.c for TX2

Thanks a lot for the confirmation, Shane.