[TX1 24.1]How to use UART0 of J100/J120

Hi All,

I could successfully use UART0 with developer kit with no software modifications.

However, I am not getting any output from UART0 when using J100/J120.

Should I make any software changes to get it through? Anyone faced similar issues?


I couldn’t tell you about that particular board, but no doubt there is a different device tree in their board support package you’ll need (or such a device tree needs to be used as a starting point).

Hi Rejeesh_QueST,

You may check if need to do any firmware update from Auvidea - https://auvidea.com/firmware/


Hi Linuxdev & Kayccc

Sorry guys, couldn’t respond to you on time.

We tried with J120 dtb file but still could not get UART0 working.

We downloaded the J120 dtb file (FW v2.2) from:

Currently, we are testing using 24.2.1.

Any debugging tips to find out the reason?


Much of the time starting clues occur from the boot log or dmesg. In terms of boot log I’d recommend serial console since this shows information even in U-Boot (U-Boot may set up some device tree which the kernel inherits).

In terms of knowing if your device tree actually made it in I’d suggest looking at “/proc/device-tree”. You can convert this to a single dts file via:

sudo dtc -I fs -O dts -o from_fs.dts /proc/device-tree

(sometimes a device tree change is rejected or for whatever reason does not make it in…perhaps something else changed the device tree after you did…this will tell you what the running kernel thinks its device tree is).

Hi Linuxdev,

Confirmed that dtb is properly loaded. Completely at loss what could be the issue.