Hi everyone,

I use TX1 and the bsp version is R28.2, after I close /dev/video use V4L2 command I read or write eeprom vi VI-I2C I find there is a fix delay about 5 ms between two eeprom address access. And I use bsp R24 it works well, this defect seriously affects the delivery time of our products. How to fix this issue? Thanks.

Can you narrow don’t the delay in which driver?

Hi ShaneCCC,

I can not. I read or write eeprom via VI-I2C there is no delay when I open /dev/video, but I read or write eeprom via VI-I2C there is 5ms delay when I close /dev/video. I think the VI-I2C not work well when I close /dev/video.

How do you open /dev/video and how do you read/write the eeprom?

I call open function like this: fb = open("/dev/vidoe0", O_RDWR)open /dev/video, and call close function like this: close(fb) close /dev/video。I read/write eeprom call i2c_transfer() function in driver.

It could be the clock/power be needed. Could you check the video0 driver to enable the power/clock to try.

The video0 driver is powered off. But I use R24.2 BSP the VI-I2C works well when I close video0.

Could you compare the relative clock and power for the R24.2 and R28.2.1