TX1 Bluetooth help

Hey this is going to be a complete noob request, but I’m trying to use the TX1’s bluetooth to send data via a serial terminal like Putty or RealTerm to a phone or another device and I’m completely stuck. Are there any tutorials online that can help me out specifically with Bluetooth and the TX1 or if someone could help me out with some assistance I’d really appreciate it.

Hi SwitchCase,

Please use following command to unblock the bluetooth.

#blueooth list
rfkill list
#enbale bluetooth
sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

After unblocking, you could try “sudo bluetoothctl” to scan the devices nearby.
However, we don’t provide build-in bluetooth client that can achieve your goal. Please reference to the outside wiki for further information.

Ah, that makes sense. I’ll give GNOME a shot thanks.

Now, the end goal of this is for the TX1 to receive/process data from a KinectV2 and transmit that to another device that is controlling several servos. Would you recommend I use a different method of transmitting the data other than BT? Anything that is easier and just as effective would be welcome.

Hi SwitchCase,

If power consumption is not your concern, I would recommend using wifi to achieve your goal. There would be more resources than BT on ubuntu. It is also not that hard to do socket programming through it.

Cool, that was my plan B. Any chance you could steer me in the right direction to using wifi to send data/files to another terminal? Thanks again.

If you have normal networking set up…regardless of it being wired or wireless…then all of the standard mechanisms should work, including scp, sftp, and netcat (ncat).