TX1 camera OV5693 PLL setting

I was able to have OV5647 + Auvidea J20 + TX1 working using some code from @COSPAN, the frame rate from v4l2 capture program shows 15 FPS instead of 30 FPS. The same program shows 30 FPS for OV5693.

I’d like to compare code for OV5693 and OV5647, however data sheet for OV5693 is not available.

There is no comment in “ov5693_model_tbl.h” for register address.

Can Nvidia or someone provide OV5693 register addresses for frame rate related registers?

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone from Nvidia answer the question? I hope nvidia had used popular OV5647s for the reference design which have datasheet can be downloaded from web.

NVIDIA didn’t have use this sensor as reference. However you can get it from below link.

My question was PLL register settings of OV5693 used in TX1 reference design.

I hope Nvidia can make full datasheet of OV5693 available like Sparkfan did.

Or add comments in “ov5693_mode_tbl” for those registers.

All of the sensor setting is provide by the image sensor vendor. And it’s too many REG to have comments. However you can consult the vendor and check the data sheet to find the information what you want.

My issue is OV5647 generated 30 FPS (verified using oscilloscope) but TX1 only captured 15 FPS using v4l.

If I drop frame rate of OV5647 to 15 FPS, I got 7.5FPS from v4l capture.

The same v4l capture program captured 30 FPS from OV5693.

What setting in OV5647 driver could cause half frame rate issue?

I was using open source OV5647 driver from @Cospan.

The _set_frame_length() control the frame rate. You can dump the REG to make sure the setting is correct.

Thanks, that helps, I found many OV5693 register addresses defined in “ov5693.h”.

I’d like to find MIPI line rate used for OV5693, e.g., PLL register settings, the “ov5693.h” doesn’t seem to have PLL register addresses.