TX1 can't go to Desktop UI

My TX1 worked find before yesterday. Then, it crashed. I reboot it. However, it keeps staying in command line interface like the first time I boot TX1. Thus, I followed the way—cd /NVIDIA-INSTALLER —sudo ./installer.sh----it tells me configuring the desktop, please reboot to take effect SUCCESS!
then gives me unhanded fault: alignment fault (0x92000061) at 0x0000000028e360b
then I keep staying in command line interface.
What happened to my TX1? What can I do to go to Desktop UI?

That could possibly be an actual hardware failure. You should try cloning the root file system and see if that succeeds as a test of reading that part of eMMC. If that works, you may wish to test the entire eMMC via a clone of all. Be warned, this will take many hours, it is a quite slow process. Notes about cloning in general, but commands designed for a JTK1 instead of JTX1, are found here:

Notes on clone commands for a JTX1 are here: