TX1 connections

I’m looking to connect our TX1 dev board to our current product via the PCIe “Half Mini” connector/slot/port/… Previous queries to the powers to be, simply respond with “Yes there is a 'Half Mini” connection available… Yeah, that is understood. However, the TK1 also has a “Half Mini” though it is differently configured and, well, much larger…

So, my question: does anyone happen to have a supplier for an adapter board from the M.2 Key E connector to a ribbon cable that will yield similar connections to the TK1 “Half Mini” PCIe slot/port/connector???

Never met this kind of request, maybe the similar product to that in this link can help http://eshop.sintech.cn/msata-ssd-to-m2ngff-b-key-sata-adapter-card-cable-p-1004.html


Thanks for the thought. Unfortunately, I’m trying to go the other way. We currently are using the TK1 and looking to try out the TX1. The TX1 has two methods to access the PCIe. 1) through the “Standard” x4 PCIe port. 2) through the M.2 Key E connector.

There are plenty of cards available that will slide into the “Standard” slot but they all end up providing like the NGFF end, from which I then need to connect to "Something which connects to another thing, allowing me to connect to the Ribbon Cable which I can then use to connect to our board. All this, so that we can evaluate the new Nvidia Chipset with our product. I have yet to find a “Male ended” card that will slide into the M.2 Key E (option 2 above) and adapt to a ribbon cable which will provide access from our product to the TX1 dev board.

Actually, I’d take either option… one that will adapt from the “Standard” slot directly to the ribbon cable (selecting one of the PCIe ports), OR one that will go directly from the M.2 Key E connector on the Tx1 dev board to a ribbon cable. Just seems rather Kludgey to string together several parts (if not error prone), just so that I can evaluate the Chipset.

Thanks though,