TX1 CORE CHIP Voltage & Current Measurement

Hi all,

I have to perform a series of strict voltage and current tests on TX1 under in a very specific environment conditions and would be great if I could use your help. Essentially, we need to understand how the environment conditions will affect these parameters. The challenge is, I need to perform the measurements on the TX1 CORE CHIP only.

Approach #1:
Map out the PCB pad/track on the TX1 module that delivers power to the core chip. Unfortunately I could ONLY find the schematics for the dev board but not for the TX1 module. The dev board is delivering 19.5vcc from the power supply straight to TX1 module over A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 pins of the Samtec connector. This suggests some DC-DC step conversion on the module. I need to measure voltage (maybe current) after these guys, meaning on the core chip.
I also noticed that the heat sink screws have no head.

Approach #2:
I noticed the dev board comes with 2 power monitors, U10 and U18. Does it happen of the module come with power monitor as well so I can perform the measurements through software? If so, how to proceed?

Hi Pretourian,

Currently Jetson TX1 dev kit is used by the way of module + carrier board, the schematic/layout of module is not public. So you can only get the total power consumption of module.

For heat sink screws’ head, can you please upload the picture for better understanding?

These power monitors support is being added in a later version of the module.