Tx1 CSI without I2c


Accepted this as answer to this topic, since our setup can work flawlessly with 50 fps on Tx1 now.

But Tx2 can still only achieve 25 fps ((1/2)*50) with the camera and 30 fps ((1/2)*60). Still looking forward to your help in this topic;


Thank you.

Dear hburaksaruhan,

I have the intention to implement an FPGA-based camera driver that comes without the I2C interface. Could you help to confirm that it is possible to ignore/remove the I2C part and still capable to get image signal from CSI interface if the rest of the driver work correctly?

Also, in the driver level, does removing I2c part mean v4l2_i2c_subdev_init() and other I2C registers read/write functions are NOT used/called?

Thanks a lots,

Yes, it’s working case. Also can the v4l2_i2c_subdev_init() can ignore too.

Hi @hburaksaruhan

I am trying to implement the same FPGA pre-configured Test Pattern Generation with Xavier NX board. I have implemented the all the steps mentioned above but I am not able to capture the CSI data.
Could you please tell me how you resolved your issue,