tx1 ddr frequency

Hi, now I use TX1 on my board,but when kernel starting, something wrong happend

[    0.682729] tegra-emc 7001b000.memory-controller: can't find emc table for ram-code 0x02
[    0.689885] tegra-emc 7001b000.memory-controller: missing platform data
[    0.696589] tegra-emc: probe of 7001b000.memory-controller failed with error -61
[    0.703968] swapper/0 isomgr_init(): iso emc max clk=204000KHz
[    0.709638] swapper/0 isomgr_init(): max_iso_bw=1468800KB

I can not change ddr frequency.

When I use NV-board,and use the same kernel, it’s ok.

[    0.678700] Loading EMC tables...
[    0.680100] tegra: Using EMC sequence '21021' for Rev. 7 tables
[    0.685941] tegra: emc: Derated table is valid.
[    0.690438] Lowering emc maximum rate from 1800000000 to 1600000000
[    0.696672] tegra: validated EMC DFS table
[    0.706275] swapper/0 isomgr_init(): iso emc max clk=1600000KHz
[    0.710229] swapper/0 isomgr_init(): max_iso_bw=11520000KB

What is wrong about my board ? Thank you !

Did you add pull-up resistor to net UART0_TXD or UART0_RTS? If so, you had changed RAM Code, please check table 81 of OEM DG