TX1 design guide for multi CSI cameras

When up to 6 CSI cameras are interfaced to TX1, how will the cameras be controlled?

If all cameras use I2C interface, can TX1 provide 6 I2C interfaces or all cameras must share the same I2C interface?

Are multiple cameras supported by L4T?

It’s critical to have multiple camera support for UAVs, automobile and many other applications.

I2C bus is multi-slave (see picture):

In theory you can connect up to 1008 I2C devices per clock/data pair

To confirm it, from section 3.8 of the datasheet:

Thanks for the response.

From the other thread, you mentioned a different EEPROM is needed for a different camera chip. For 6 cameras, will 6 EEPROMs with different I2C addresses and IDs needed?

Is there a plan to have L4T supporting at least 2 CSI cameras? We need to deliver to our customers a system with at least 2 cameras within 12 months.