TX1 development kit HDMI question

Hi everyone :)

I’m new to this kit so I have some questions now…I followed the steps in the guide, it says connect the HDMI cable to a capable device. I tried to connect it to my macbook pro running Linux since I don’t have a stand alone monitor now, but Linux is not recognizing anything at all (on another note, I installed all the drivers and stuff and successfully flashed TX1 so I know the board is working).

Any help is appreciated :)

David Huang

Is the macbook pro monitor an ordinary HDMI monitor? Or are we talking about some different connection?

It’s just a laptop, early 2015 Macbook pro to be exact. There’s an HDMI port on this laptop so I tried that.

That port would only be an output expecting a monitor…the inverse of what is needed.

There are basically two ways to use the Jetson without a monitor. The first is over the ethernet via ssh. If you know the address of the Jetson (such as from a router), then it is simple to ssh in from any other computer on that local network. The second method is by serial console.

Serial console is just a text terminal where most of the software runs on some other host. This is valuable for any kind of development because almost nothing has to exist for this to work. Networks, video displays, so on…tend to require drivers. A serial console is almost without a driver. This isn’t quite as nice as ssh, and it requires the correct cable, but is very valuable for development. See these for serial console options:

Awesome, thanks for the help!