TX1 display off screen

TX1 developer kit arrived this week. Unboxed and powered on. Got the boot messages and log-on screen as expected but the display was cut-off on the left - unable to see the 1st 10 characters on the left. Went ahead and completed the install and the GUI had the same issue. Could only see 1/4th of the desktop icons - 3/4th were cut off on the left. About 10% of the screen on the left (as well as top,right,bottom) are cut-off. Reflashed TX1 with the latest Jetson. Same issue. Tried a different monitor. Same issue.

Are there any settings in your display which effect the cropping or aspect ratio? I remember once, when I plugged Jetson into TV panel, it cropped the top left. Then in the TV OSD menu, I messed around with aspect ratio setting, and it lined up perfectly with the desktop.

The TV was already in 16:9 mode. However this Samsung monitor/TV had a “Screen fit” mode. Changed to screen fit and it worked! Thanks Dusty.