TX1 does not recognize keyboard, mouse and no internet connection after flashing OS with jetpack.

After flashing the OS image with the jetpack frontend, I am not able to communicate with the board, because it does not recognize my keyboard/mouse, and doesn’t connect to the net through the ethernet port.
How could I solve this problem?

More information:

+) Used JetPack 3.2
+) USB Keyboard/Mouse are not recognized.
+) Doesnt connect to the net through the ethernet port, so I can not access via ssh.
+) Video works.

Serial console is by far the best way to work with any embedded system when things go wrong. You may want to get a serial UART cable and work on it that way. See:
(the TX1 and TX2 have the same serial console setup)

You may want to try unplugging and replugging the devices one at a time. Use no HUB, and try with a powered HUB. If something else is connected to USB besides mouse and keyboard it is important to know due to power draw requirements (and thus also why it is good to test with a powered HUB which moves power source to something external).

What else is connected? Does CTRL-ALT-F2 get you to a console? Is the lack of function seen with the LED from caps lock and num lock?

Hi linuxdev,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I do not use a hub. I only connect one thing on the usb, for example the keyboard, and it doesn’t work. No led is on. So, I am shown the ubuntu login screen, but I can not do anything.

Before flushing with jetpack everything was working fine, so there is not any problem with the hardware.

I was expecting that something as simple as flushing the os, with a tool specially tunned for nvidia TX1 shouldn’t generate this kind a problems…

I will try to get a serial UART cable.

It is quite possible some detail caused an issue, e.g., if the host is a VM it has issues, if the disk on the host fills up during flash there is an issue, so on. The serial console cable will give you much more power to actually interact and see what is going on.

I have the same problem, the mouse o keyboard don’t power up. The login screen waits to input the password and then freeze.
Any suggestion?

Do you have the ability to view by means of serial console? See:

If you’ve reached the point of a GUI, then networking should be up as well if it is functional. If ping works, check for any ability to log in via ssh.

If you can login via any method, see if all are “ok” from “sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release”.

Note: I suppose it is possible that automatic unattended upgrades is enabled, and that the system is actually trying to do an enormous number of updates to the point of stalling. The first update after an install has an enormous number of packages. In that case the full upgrade cycle might take hours before it finishes. If ping works, and if you think the updates might be hogging the system, then you might just let it sit there for half a day or so and let it complete (though of course that could be a complete waste of time if it was an actual failure).

linuxdev, I started everything from the beginning and I put the TX1 into operation. Apparently the problem was that the installer (HOST) was in NTFS and not ext4.
I installed many things from the Jetpack although it had a lot of dependency, so I am checking that everything is operational. The cuda example works.
thank you, and I hope this helps others

Yes, this would do it. NTFS has no ability to correctly preserve Linux permissions.