Tx1-eMMC Health Status tool

Hi, we are using TX1 module in our system. Samsung eMMC part# KLMAG2GEND-B031 was used in TX1 module.

Can you provide health status tool for eMMC part to know the NNAD flash(SLC,TLC and MLC) utilization information and to know the health of the device?

I think this kind of tools should depend on vendor’s design. You may need to consult with vendor to get it.

OK. Who is the eMMC vendor? Samsung? Micron? SK-Hynix?other? what is part eMMC part number used on TX1 module?

As you said the vendor is Samsung.

I am not sure what part was used on TX1 module. There is confusion part number mentioned in TX1 module schematic(Schematic reference number: P2180-A07) and installed part(actual part) on the module.

Hence I want confirmation from your side.

Generally it’s THGBMHG7C2LBAIL from Toshiba. Where did you see KLMAG2GEND-B031 in TX1 module?

OK Thanks for the confirmation. Can you confirm the SLC type or MLC/TLC type flash memory?

KLMAG2GEND-B031 was seen in TX1 schematic and not on TX1 module.

It’s SLC. Which schematic do you get the Samsung emmc info from? It’s THGBMHG7C2LBAIL always and the schematic of module is not public.

Thanks for the confirmation. Can you provide eMMC health status tool to check health status?

Please ask vendor for that.

Hi sreenivasa,

It should be MLC not SLC.