TX1 Ethernet Magnetics

I am looking for a suitable replacement for the GigE magnetics (transformer). NVIDIA lists the P/N as


and manufacturer as

Shenzhen Magcom Electronic Co., Ltd.

in the X1 carrier board BOM. You can’t purchase this part from digikey/mouser/arrow. So I would like to know of a suitable replacement for this part which is actually purchasable.


Hi geoffreywall,

M3295NL is a common magnetics, if can’t purchase from Magcom, you can go for common magnetics from other company, AFAIK, TG11x series from Halo Electronics will be a kind of choice.


Hi geoffrey,

You can buy the same on alibaba :

Even if I can’t access the datasheet (so the exact dimensions) of the one used on TX1, this Wurth transformer should be compatible :


I am also interested in finding an alternative Ethernet magnetic solution. Has anyone found a substitute that worked successfully?


I used this Pulse Electronics Transformer on my custom TX1 breakout board and it worked for me

Thanks Geoffrey, I appreciate it!

Can I use HFJ11-1G01E-L12RL or SI-51005-F in place of magnet and RJ45?

Hi rajesh, please check its datasheet or contact with vendor.

Hi Geoffrey,
Can HX5008NL support 10/100BT ethernet or only 1000BT?

Why not use an RJ45 jack with integrated magnetics? Is there a reason to have the transformer external?

can I use the JK0-0177NL RJ45 + magnetics?