TX1 field update from 28.2 to 32.3.1

Hi All,

We have a bunch of TX1-based devices in the field which our customers are using. These devices have all been flashed with L4T 28.2 and our own software prior to leaving our factory.

We are now making a new Nano-based device which is currently using L4T 32.3.1. I’d also like to use L4T 32.3.1 for our TX1-based devices going forward, and would like to provide updates for our customer devices to use this new version as well. We already support updating U-Boot, Linux and the rootfs on the TX1 devices in the field, via our own software.

Is the 32.3.1 release compatible with the 28.2 eMMC layout and DTB? If not, could you list what other things on the TX1 device would have to be updated in the field in order to move to 32.3.1? I can’t bring these devices back to the factory and customers are not capable of flashing them.


Chris Richardson

Hi Chris,

No, the DTB and kernel image are not compatible directly. Also, the partition layout is changed.
Unfortunately, currently there is no way to do OTA upgrade from rel-28 to rel-32 directly.

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the quick response. Do you know if there is a different L4T release that would support both the TX1 and Nano, and would also be compatible with the 28.2 release our existing units are using? If not, I would be fine to do whatever work is necessary to modify the 32.3.1 release to be compatible with the 28.2 units in the field, and any information to help with this would be very much appreciated.


Chris Richardson

In case anyone is interested in this: