TX1 flashing stuck at RCM version 0X210001

I follow all the instructions in the guide book to flash my TX1 development kit and the processing is always stuck
at RCM version 0X210001. Then, it shows the Boot Communication fail. The ubuntu system is 14.04 which can not be
the issue. Could anyone can help me figure it out?

BTW ,The default username and password don’t work for the kit. So I can’t access the system in the first place.

Is the host a VM? Were the instructions the ones for command line flash, or were they the JetPack version?

If this was a VM, then the failure is expected. If not, and if flash was on command line, then not using “sudo” at the correct moment would cause inability to log in by some methods, but would not result in flash itself failing.

Not VM. I install the ubuntu 14.04 in my PC, in double systems mode. I follow the instructions :

chmod +x JetXXXXXXXXX

Then I check the host-ubuntu and the target package and then put my TX1 in the recovery mode.

Is this the default dev carrier board? If so, then this should have probably succeeded. It wouldn’t be unusual for the flash to succeed and have network issues or graphics configuration issues, but the flash itself should not halt.

Are you using the USB cable which came with the Jetson? This would also be suspect in the case of not being a VM and having USB issues.

Actually, The USB cable doesn’t come with the Jetson. But, I used the lsusb in the terminal. it shows
Bus 003 Device 004: ID 0955:7721 NVidia Corp.
I guess that cable works if I get this message.

Not necessarily. There are functional differences in cable qualities. Is this a type-B USB micro cable? I see one picture here:

Note that on the type-B most say “B”. If not, look for the beveled corners instead of the square corners. The Jetson connector accepts type-A or type-B…but “B” is correct for this use.

I have seen many cables intended for cell phones and cheaper electronics which do not function correctly for data at USB2 speeds…mostly those cables are used for recharging. If the cable is truly functional, then you will probably need to RMA the Jetson. Checking a new micro-B cable intended for data use is probably worth your time.

0.0. OMG. The USB did the trick. I can believe I spent four days on this…