TX1 HANG UP when the power input (12V) drops

Confirmation method:
It seems that the serial console that was working until then stopped responding and the CPU stopped.
Initially, we had a problem with the board we developed.
After that, I confirmed that the same symptom occurs in DEVKIT.

無題.bmp (419.1 KB)

What is the reason for TX1 HANGUP?

I don’t know about your particular case, but all Jetsons are sensitive to power regulation quality. If you are talking about a power regulation voltage drop, then failure is expected. If you are instead talking about not being able to use a lower voltage which is well-regulated, then that would possibly be a different issue. I can’t say for sure, but it seems that as supply voltage goes lower there may be a need for better regulation.

Thank you for answering
This drop occurs when the power supply voltage is 12V or (for example) 14V.
The points are the voltage drop time and the low voltage holding time.
This phenomenon occurs in multiple TX1s, and the voltage drop of another TX1 is 0.6V.

Are you speaking of a 0.6V drop on the outside power? Or on a bus in the Jetson’s carrier board? I would expect a failure if the outside voltage drops due to Jetsons being sensitive to power regulation. An internal bus change would be a design issue if external power is constant. Basically, the advise is to use a regulated power supply.

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