tx1 has only one framebuffer '/dev/fb0'

Could tx1 create another framebuffer ‘/dev/fb1’?
How to do it?

Hi alex_wang,

dev/fb node is created in kernel. DC(display controller) will create this sysfs.

There are only two dc supported on TX1. Two fb are possible with two dc initiated (2 display).

as you said, on my tx1 I should find two fb in /dev,E.g:/dev/fb0 and /dev/fb1.
But I only find one fb ‘/dev/fb0’.

Do you enable two displays?

Hi alex_wang,

Have you enabled 2 displays successfully?
Any further information can be shared?


I am sorry for my late reply.
I have to join in other works.

My TX1 has only one display interface HDMI,how to enable another display?

Hi alex_wang,

For this issue, I think you could refer to the OEM degisn guide chapter 6 to know how to connect/design the 2nd display.