TX1 JetPack connect error

I want to install cuda from jetpack,when i input device info,including ip address,user name, password,the error is :read from socket failed.connection reset by beer。who can help me?

This isn’t much help, but having connection reset by peer (or beer!) means you did reach the remote device, but the device rejected the connection. I would start by seeing if command line ssh to ubuntu@that_address works…if not, then you can debug that and the debug process will be simpler.

i try ssh command. tx1 can connect host with ssh , but host can not connect tx1 with ssh .what is the problem?and how to debug

What was the error information from the connect failure? If there is no information, then you could run with the “-v” verbose argument to ssh.

A common reason for failure is if the ssh keys changed on the Jetson…the host would be correctly refusing to connection. This may be the case if you flashed…keys will then change. You can add the keys to your sample rootfs and preserve them between flashes.